How to Secure Top Talent with Healthcare Benefits

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Healthcare benefits are one of the best ways to attract top-tier talent to your business. Even if your company is relatively small, benefits packages can help you compete with the competition here in Houston. 

For employees, the desire for solid healthcare benefits is palpable. Over 50% of employees say that benefits play a significant role in retaining talent. 

So, where does that leave your company? 

It’s time to take benefits seriously. 

Consider the following information to make a more informed decision before putting together your healthcare benefits package. 

The Hottest Healthcare Benefits of 2022


Your employee’s job satisfaction is tied directly to the benefits offered by your company. 

Below we have done the heavy lifting for you and outlined a few of the hottest trends in healthcare benefits… 



In today’s post-pandemic world, telemedicine remains a significant healthcare insurance perk. The ability to hop on a call with your doctor instead of sitting in a doctor’s waiting room is enticing to your employees. 

As technology continues to scale, it’s essential to check if your health care package includes telemedicine support. 

Telemedicine includes:

  • Phone Calls
  • Video Chats
  • Email Communication 
  • Text Messages 

Telemedicine is essential for easy access to your healthcare providers when you need it. And it’s a benefit that your employees want on their plan.

Urgent Care Visits 


The ability to head to the emergency room at the first sign of trouble is relieving. Knowing that it’s covered under your healthcare plan is even better. Employees want to see that your plan options include Urgent Care visits, especially if they have young children at home. 

When unexpected injury or illness arises, take care of your employees by ensuring it’s covered under your package. 

Retail Clinics 


A retail clinic is a healthcare facility located in a big-box store like Target. These clinics make it easier to take care of minor injuries and illnesses. They can also be used for preventative maintenance. 

Their ultimate benefit is convenience. Employees want coverage for this service because it helps them avoid waiting for a doctor or specialist to look at something relatively minor. Coverage makes sure they don’t have to pay too much out of pocket for a non-life-threatening or urgent healthcare event.

Focus on Tech-Enabled Plans 


We touched on the importance of technology above, but tech-enabled plans go beyond telemedicine. Other features such as easy online access to health care data, appointment booking, digital monitoring, and various other health services are all tech benefits that your employees want. 

Even if you have a plan covering some of these options, you’ll stand out among the competition that offers none. 

Now that you know which features are trending let’s consider some other aspects.

How to Choose The Right Benefits for Your Group


For Health Insurance, Look At: 

  • Health Benefits, including preventative care.
  • Dental Plans including annual cleanings, urgent dental work, and cavity fillings for all family members.
  • Vision Plans include access to discounted or free eyewear and preventative checkups. 

For Financial Health Insurance Benefits, Think About Adding: 

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • College Saving Plans 
  • Retirement Savings Plans, including a 401(k)
  • Life & Disability insurance coverage benefits 


These are the basics of health insurance benefits packages. Your employees already know what they’re looking for in their insurance plan. Making the most out of your small business budget is essential to attracting top talent. 

Choose Wisely—Your Company’s Future Could Depend On It


Don’t jump into just any health care benefits package. Work with an expert like PCI Solutions to select the ideal benefits package for all your employees now and in the future. 

Contact us today to learn more about your options. 

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