Why Top Business Execs Are Hiring Health Insurance Agents Now More Than Ever

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There are Health Insurance Agents then there is Primary Care Insurance Solutions.

At Primary Care Insurance Solutions, we strive to have the best health insurance agents in Houston for our wide range of clients. Business executives and small business owners are turning to us for information and cost-efficient plans now more than ever.

Although the Affordable Healthcare Act has much to do with the recent uptick in health insurance agent services, the benefits of using these agents have long since contributed to companies around the nation. Let’s take a closer look at what companies and executives can expect from using a health insurance agent for their business.

Agents Provide a Customized Experience

Executives are looking for health insurance plans that fit their company’s needs and budget. Some turn to government exchange “navigators” only to be sorely disappointed when they get the bill for their premium. Licensed health insurance agents understand the ebb and flow of the market and create a customized plan for each of their clients. Navigators, on the other hand, aren’t licensed to help companies make decisions based on the health needs of their employees. For a more thorough, precise, and customized experience for your Houston-based business, you’ll need an experienced health insurance agent in Houston.

For Assistance Navigating a Complex Marketplace

The Affordable Healthcare Act was designed on the premise it would make buying health insurance easier for individuals and small businesses. However, the integration of this new law with the rules already in place, has caused massive headaches for small and large corporations alike.
Health insurance agents, conversely, can do the ground work for their client. They pull a variety of plan options, discuss how they work, and provide valuable information that pertains to their client’s budget and expectations. Once a client has purchased health insurance, their work has only begun. Approximately 80 percent of the work that agents do takes place after a purchase is made. They essentially become advocates in a complex marketplace that executives simply don’t have the time to sort through.

To Streamline Health Insurance

At Primary Care Insurance Solutions, our health insurance agents in Houston do the following and more:

  • Aid with claim issues, write letters and documentation to make sure their client’s case is secure.
  • Negotiate on their client’s behalf for lower rates.
  • Handle problems with billing.

To Simplify Their Options

Executives know that most challenges can be simplified with the right help—including health insurance. They hire health insurance agents to do the heavy lifting for them, including reading the fine print and translating complex health insurance terminology. No matter how well educated an individual may be, it isn’t easy to compare health insurance plans without professional assistance.
Executives know this, and they delegate this important responsibility to licensed health insurance agents who fully grasp the meaning behind the words. These agents in turn clearly explain the options available and provide advice on the best route to take.

To Cut Costs

With an economy that is still on shaky ground, executives know the importance of cutting costs. Health insurance is expensive, especially in a group setting. To save on costs, they turn to health insurance agents. As  health insurance agents in Houston, we offer our services completely free of charge to clients. Our focus is getting our clients the most affordable plans with the best benefits.

To Offer Better Employee Benefits

Employees of the new generation are seeking companies that not only pay well, but also offer better benefits. Health insurance is one of the most important of these benefits. Companies that provide comprehensive health care coverage fair better in a competitive job market than those that opt for the lowest acceptable benefit packages. A health insurance agent can compile a benefits package that holds out the greatest opportunity to attract the right talent.

As a health insurance agency in Houston, we help top level executives secure the right insurance coverage and employee benefits packages available. Our mission to save our client’s money and time lends itself to the results we achieve. Contact us to find out how we can help your group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Primary Care Insurance Solutions stand out among other health insurance agents in Houston?

Primary Care Insurance Solutions prides itself on having the best health insurance agents in Houston, specializing in offering cost-efficient plans tailored to the needs of business executives and small business owners.

How do licensed health insurance agents differ from government exchange “navigators”?

Licensed health insurance agents provide a more thorough and customized experience by understanding market fluctuations and creating tailored plans. In contrast, navigators are not licensed to assist companies in making decisions based on the health needs of their employees.

What added value do health insurance agents offer after a client purchases health insurance?

About 80 percent of the work done by health insurance agents happens post-purchase. They assist with claim issues, negotiate for lower rates, handle billing problems, and act as advocates in a complex marketplace, simplifying the experience for their clients.

How do health insurance agents at Primary Care Insurance Solutions help in cost-cutting?

The health insurance agents at Primary Care Insurance Solutions offer their services free of charge, focusing on securing the most affordable plans with the best benefits for their clients.

Why are companies keen on providing comprehensive health care coverage for their employees?

Comprehensive health care coverage makes companies more attractive in a competitive job market. By offering better benefits, they have a greater opportunity to attract top talent. Primary Care Insurance Solutions aids executives in securing the best insurance coverage and employee benefits packages.

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