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Group Dental Insurance Plans

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About Group Dental Insurance & Why It’s Recommended

Did you know that dental disease or discomfort is a common reason for employees to miss work or perform poorly? Employers who want to keep their work staff healthy understand the importance of offering a group dental insurance plan. Offering quality dental benefits can also help a company attract and retain good employees.

Selecting a Dental Insurance Plan for Your Group

Before selecting a new dental insurance plan for your employees, get answers to the following questions your employees will likely ask:
  1. Can employees choose their own dentists?
  2. Who determines the type of treatment, the patient and the dentist or the insurance carrier?
  3. Will the dental plan cover diagnostic, preventive and emergency services?
  4. Does it cover preventive services such as regular oral exams, x-rays, and teeth cleaning that help prevent costly and painful dental problems?
  5. Does the plan cover treatments and services such as dental crowns, braces, root canals, oral surgery and treatment of periodontal diseases?
  6. Does the plan allow the covered patient to be referred to a specialist, and if so, how limited is the list?
  7. Will the plan cover emergency care when the patient is away from home? How is that handled?
As your Agent of Record, Primary Care Insurance Solutions LLC. can help you answer these and other questions your employees may ask.

Managed Care vs. Fee for Service Dental Insurance Plans

There are various types of dental plans. In general, the models can be divided into two categories: fee-for-service and managed care. Fee-for-Service Dental Insurance Plans are typically freedom-of-choice arrangements under which a dentist is paid for each service rendered according to the fees established by the dentist. Managed Care Dental Insurance Plans are cost containment systems that direct the utilization of health care by a) restricting the type, level and frequency of treatment; b) limiting the access to care; and c) controlling the level of reimbursement for services.

Primary Care Insurance Solutions Assist with Group Dental Insurance Plans

Specializing in Texas group health insurance and other employee benefits, Primary Care Insurance Solutions LLC. in Houston, Texas can assist you in setting up a Group Dental Insurance Plan as part of an overall benefits program for your firm. Please call Primary Care Insurance Solutions at 713-329-6944 or submit our contact form.

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