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Worksite Benefits

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Why Offer Voluntary Worksite Benefits for Employees

Voluntary worksite benefits through payroll deduction can provide your employees with supplemental, low-cost, portable protection against the rising cost of health problems that occur in everyday life.  Offering these products, at little or no expense to the employer, often will save him/her on the cost of offering group major medical health insurance.  Also, offering supplemental benefits aids in the retention and workplace satisfaction of the employee.

Voluntary Benefits Plan offers More Choices Without Impacting Budget

Worksite Benefits allow employees to select the benefits best suited for their own specific needs and fund those benefits themselves, using payroll deduction. This type of plan allows you to offer your employees more benefit choices without impacting your company’s benefits budget, while still sending the message, “We care about you.” Some of the advantages for you, the employer, are:
  • No Company Premium Costs – Voluntary benefits are a great way to provide employees with the benefits they want and desire with little or no premium cost to the company.
  • Enhanced Benefit Program – Employees or prospective employees have access to a greater array of discounted benefits at group rates than they can afford directly, based on their individual needs.
  • Employee Retention – Companies with strong employee benefits packages have lower employee turnover and find it easier to attract new employees. This is critical as the employment pool is reduced and baby boomers leave the workforce.
  • Favorable Underwriting – Disability coverage and life insurance are difficult to acquire individually if the insured has a less than favorable medical history.
  • Individual Counseling – During voluntary benefits enrollment, our trained enrollers meet with each of your employees to assist in the selection of programs that meet that employee’s needs. This helps avoid wasted spending on unnecessary coverages and reinforces your company’s message of caring for each employee.

Primary Care Insurance Solutions Assists with Worksite Benefits Plans

At PCI, we believe insurance products, including voluntary benefits for employees, should be both high quality and affordable. However, the real value of providing worksite benefits goes beyond simply providing products — it’s about providing service. Our voluntary benefits advisors will work with you every step of the way to make sure your plan works for you and your employees. PCI in Houston, Texas can help you design a workplace voluntary benefits strategy that works best for you and your employees and complements other group health insurance benefits you may have. For more information, please fill out our contact form below.

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