Investing in Your Team: Men’s Health Screenings Under Your Business Health Insurance Policy

Men's Health Awareness

This Men’s Health Awareness Month, we’re looking at men’s health issues and how employers can help prevent them.

One in five men never see retirement age.

Experts agree the primary reason why men deteriorate rapidly, especially after age 50, is a lack of self-care and men’s health screenings.

As an employer, what is your role in health screenings for men?

For starters, customized health insurance plans should be designed to address men’s health issues and those of their female counterparts.

In this post, we’re looking at investing in men’s health screenings and how to fit that into your small business Houston health insurance plan.

Let’s start by looking at what men’s health screenings should look like in the workplace.

The State of Men’s Health Screenings & The Workplace

Men’s health screenings are an excellent way to protect male employees from the devastating effects of preventative diseases.

Those diseases include:

  • Heart Disease
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Mental Health
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes

The most common health screenings for men include:

  • Blood Pressure Health
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Dental Exam
  • Eye Exam
  • Immunizations
  • Infectious Disease Testing
  • Physical Exam
  • Testicular Exam
  • Skin Self-Exam
  • Colon Cancer Screenings (for those with a family history of the disease)
  • Mental Health Screenings

For the latter, men face a particularly stark challenge. Mental health and illness are highly stigmatized, especially among men.

As a result, many men avoid discussing stress and anxiety, even with a healthcare practitioner. Yet, stress is a direct contributing factor to many health issues, including heart disease.

Screenings for stress and mental health should be taken seriously by employers and employees.

Encourage Preventative Measures That Can Help

International SOS, a leader in International Health and Security Risk Management, recommends that organizations follow the guidelines below to support men’s health and well-being with the ‘H-O-P-E’ approach.

Hold a men’s forum to create a safe space where men can address their health concerns.

Offer male-specific confidential support from mental health pros.

Provide team leaders with the appropriate training to help them spot early signs of poor mental and physical health.

Encourage employees to participate in consistent health check-ups, especially for early detection, treatment, and mental health assessment.

Preventative measures can also be promoted through awareness and education. Education seminars and training can raise awareness of male-specific health issues.

Creating a supportive environment and culture where open communication reduces the stigma surrounding seeking guidance for health issues.

Another way that employers can assist employees is by encouraging regular exercise with free gym memberships or simply providing healthy food options in the office kitchen. Motivating the entire team to participate in wellness events is equally important.

Depending on your industry, workplace injuries could pose a significant risk to employees. As employers, we regularly perform risk assessments to identify potential workplace hazards.

Implementing ergonomic practices to reduce musculoskeletal disorders is also essential for office workers. As employers, investing in adjustable furniture, educating employees on proper posture, and encouraging regular breaks can prevent strain injuries.

How Employers Benefit from Men’s Health Screening

But what about you as an employer? How do you benefit from encouraging health screenings for your male employees?

Reduced Absenteeism

Health issues directly translate into lost time at work. Lost time at work equals loss of productivity. Even mild health issues affect how well employees work. Engagement and focus are dependent on how we feel mentally and physically. Preventative screenings catch issues before they become more significant issues.

Death Prevention

It’s your job as an employer to care for your employees. According to the CDC, every year, 7 in 10 American deaths occur from chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Early detection can help prevent these deaths. The CDC also says that every year, 100,000 lives could be saved by clinical preventative care.

Keep your employees safe by providing fully covered preventative care benefits through employer-sponsored health plans.

Healthcare Cost Savings

Employers benefit when employees take advantage of preventative care. The more preventative care men take advantage of, the less you’ll pay for coverage over time. Early disease detection and preventative care change how much employers end up paying.

To get your male employees to take advantage of better coverage, it’s a good idea to stay informed of what preventative services are available for coverage.

We can help inform you about your plan if you use our services.

Tips for Tailoring Your Health Insurance Policy for Men

Customized health insurance plans are the best way to provide preventative care for men on your team. The following are our recommendations for tailoring your insurance policy for men.

Tip #1. Understand men’s health needs.

We briefly outlined men’s most common diseases, so make sure your policy covers men’s health screenings for these illnesses.

Tip #2. Speak with healthcare professionals.

Engage in discussions with healthcare professionals and insurance advisors who specialize in employee benefits, like our team!

Healthcare experts also provide insights into the best preventative care measures for men. Put these insights together to design a customized health insurance policy that benefits all your employees.

Tip #3. Factor in regular check-ups.

Ensure that your policy covers routine health check-ups, including annual physical examinations. As we discussed, those regular check-ups are vital for early detection of health issues.

Tip #4. Include screenings for prostate and testicular cancer.

Incorporate screenings for prostate and testicular cancer into your policy. These types of cancers uniquely plague men, and early detection significantly improves the chances of successful treatment.

Tip #5. Ensure your employees have access to the care they need.

Ultimately, customized health insurance plans should be built with your employees in mind. Customizing your plan benefits you as well as your employees because you end up saving on healthcare costs. It is a win-win situation.

Promote A Culture of Well-Being

Promoting a culture of well-being produces a healthier team. Prioritizing health and well-being is a great way to impact employee morale, loyalty, and even productivity positively.

Employers are responsible for building a productive workplace where all employees are cared about.

A solid health insurance plan built with employees in mind is a great place to start showing you care about your team.

Make sure your customized plan includes screenings for the most common illnesses, including:

-Heart Disease

-Cancer (prostate and colon, especially)


Business owners with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of integrating men’s health screenings into their health insurance policies can be inspired to impact their team’s well-being positively.

An investment in the health of individual employees pours into the longevity and success of the business as a whole.

And if you’d like to learn more about the most important screenings for men’s health, contact our team. We are happy to guide your business toward the best health insurance plan for all employees.

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